Success Cases


Lead Generation Company

A Mid-sized American sales enablement company lauching operations in Mexico.

Medium company focused on the aquisition of clients with headquarters in Utah and offices in Filipines, was looking to expand without success it's departments of "customer service, sales and engineering" in Mexico, looking for similar time zones and culture to those of the founders. However, 6 months were delayed without a single contract.

One of our clients refered us to them; we understood their urgency and what they wanted to achieve, together we created a hiring plan for 50 new collaborators in less than 6 months, we first hired middle managers and executives, from there we filled the template with young people with excelent english.

With 3 Dedicated Recruiters we managed to impliment their offices near Guadalajara and saved more than 40% of hiring costs. 

At this moment it's operation is more than 100 in Mexico. 

Development Tools Startup

Silicon Valley SaaS Startup duplicates it's Engineering team after Series-A investment round.

One of our clients is a Startup SaaS that completes lines of Python code and other languages with HQ in Silicon Valley. They have a Dedicated Recruiters Team with access to different job boards, social networks with premium accounts and email extraccion tools to reach passive candidates. 

 We complement the strategy with a talent attraction system (ATS) that allowed us to create promotional campaigns about the company and vacancies, when a candidate is interested in the proposal, we proceed to give control to our client. 

With our help for more than 2 years, they've obtained a fast answer to their needs of growth.


Chat-bots Startup

Mexican Startup that develops chat bots for customer support of transational companies grows as much as its demand and is not limited by the ability to attract talent.

A successful Mexican Startup, works together with Whatsapp and transational companies to provide real-time customer service with Chat bots. With more than 30 unfilled positions; in order to grow, they decided to look for Premium Partner of talent attraction, that understood their needs as well as generate savings for each employee hired. 

They had some concerns about working with third parties in recruitment, the most important was the culture, for our client to transmit  the values and culture begins from the recruitment. When visiting them in their offices, the consultants were soaked in a way of work and needs and through monitoring meetings and iterations of the process we improved the efficiency of the department; their updated in their Hiring Plan, we are currently working on improving the pipeline and continuing to attract the experienced and culturally fit talent.

With three months of continuos work, the capacity of the recruitment team has increased by more than 200%. Our client key players are dedicated to negotiate and manage the process with hiring managers and candidates and delegates all the tedious sourcing and initial reach out work to LAAgencia.